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Acrylic display screen printing pattern should pay attention to what?[ 10-20 09:18 ]
With the popularity of acrylic display stand, acrylic display rack becomes ubiquitous, more and more electronic markets, shopping malls, jewellery shops appeared. But there is no attention, a lot of acrylic display rack above also printed many beautiful patterns, these patterns are used up, then you know these beautiful silk screen design should pay attention to what the problem?
Organic glass production of cosmetic display rack is more practical[ 09-27 14:50 ]
Now, the presence of organic glass products in the major shopping malls and commercial building exhibition area is very wide, in the field of cosmetics display is no exception.
Cosmetics display rack material problems[ 09-14 13:39 ]
acrylic display: acrylic with high transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, a "plastic crystal" reputation
What are the classification of acrylic display rack?[ 08-19 11:13 ]
acrylic display rack according to color classification, can be divided into four kinds...
Acrylic display rack maintenance should pay attention to[ 08-03 16:42 ]
Acrylic display rack commonly used acrylic cosmetics display stand, acrylic glasses display rack, display rack of acrylic alcohol; the display when maintenance should pay attention to what the problem?
Several ways of making acrylic products[ 07-25 16:46 ]
Finished product of acrylic board is a plate is made of acrylic material, generally molding of acrylic sheet are processed by several methods.
Use of organic glass[ 06-17 16:57 ]
PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price, easy molding and so on. Its molding method has casting, injection molding, mechanical processing, thermal molding, etc.. In particular, injection molding, mass production can be produced, the process is simple, low cost. Therefore, its application has become increasingly widespread, at present, it is widely used in instruments and meters parts, car lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes, etc..
What are the types of acrylic display rack[ 06-08 14:00 ]
Acrylic display rack is a display using acrylic plate processing, mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, stores display of goods and. Acrylic display rack which is divided into several kinds of commonly used?
How to deal with acrylic after aging[ 05-31 09:21 ]
With the wide application of acrylic products, people began to recognize this new materials to bring us great convenience, we live a rich life, also increase a beautiful color to our night. However, due to the extensive application of the society, the social law of the past tells us that when a thing is rapid development, to the community to bring great development, its harm is also unprecedented. Plus acrylic products also have a certain life.
The advantage of making acrylic photo frame[ 05-20 10:50 ]
These advantages make Akley into the home field, has been widely used in the furniture surface, advertising, display, furniture products, as well as decorative panels and ceiling decoration.
High temperature acrylic products?[ 04-13 16:39 ]
There are many of my friends asked to acrylic products can be used in high temperature conditions, high temperature resistant? Will it be deformed or melted? Here to answer your questions about triclosan acrylic products acrylic product heat resistance?
Introduction of the cosmetic display rack[ 03-30 10:08 ]
merchandising focus on to store the space utilization. With the help of background display in the shop to the customer to an array of goods impression.
What acrylic engraving knife?[ 01-04 08:26 ]
Of course, according to the specific requirements, to select the appropriate acrylic engraving knife
How to calculate the weight of acrylic[ 11-03 09:23 ]
Acrylic is a kind of polyester macromolecule organic matter, to calculate the acrylic weight we must know the density of the acrylic material, density multiplied by the volume on the line
The first use of acrylic[ 10-27 15:25 ]
Often heard by printing general acrylic products acrylic board, acrylic plastic particle, acrylic light boxes, signs, acrylic bathtub, acrylic artificial marble, acrylic resin, acrylic latex paint and so on commodity, species complex.
Acrylic sheet processing smell toxic?[ 08-27 14:34 ]
In the previous section we discussed the acrylic material is poisonous or not? Through our experiments with mice concluded, acrylic materials at room temperature itself is not toxic, we all know that in the acrylic sheet in the process, a lot of odor, so acrylic plate processing a noxious odors??
Characteristics of colored acrylic materials[ 08-21 10:29 ]
Color acrylic compared to ordinary acrylic which is mainly in the form of color diversification to the advertising material general advertising company almost all, acrylic color in our life is mainly used to produce company logo, or a sign is more, let we together to learn about some of its features.
The popular new material acrylic[ 08-18 09:13 ]
This new material in Guangdong began to open to use, and very few companies is acrylic materials, and Guangzhou Huaming technology is the new material, and its pattern is a lot Oh, quality is also very good oh.
Acrylic products[ 08-11 15:07 ]
After the completion of acrylic products processing and there are four point is that we need to pay attention to the...
6 production methods of organic glass[ 07-29 13:37 ]
The organic glass will be a plate shaped organic glass stacked together, and then directly cut grinding section forming. This method made crafts can be changeable color, simple and natural effect.
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