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Special adhesive for plexiglass[ 10-19 16:17 ]
Plexiglass glue is a special acrylic adhesive, there are many kinds of plexiglass glue, such as shadow-free glue, 502 glue, two-in-one glue, chloroform and so on, these can be used to stick acrylic, can be called plexiglass glue.
Dongguan TOYIN plexiglass products for life[ 09-20 15:25 ]
Dongguan TOYIN plexiglass products small life tips to introduce to you. Now the pace of life is fast, and the pace of fashion is amazing, then we can not help but take out some clothes that are not very fashionable for a little processing.
Will organic glass be yellow for a long time?[ 07-11 14:59 ]
Plexiglass plates are generally divided into three categories: domestic board, joint venture board and import sheet. The domestic organic glass board is the cheapest of the three kinds, and the quality is the worst. The manufacturer generally adds all or part of the recycled organic glass at the time of production.
How about the market of acrylic furniture in China?[ 06-15 09:30 ]
The market of acrylic furniture in China is not yet popular. Generally, only high-end entertainment places or high-end furniture market will be used. Acrylic furniture has the following advantages for your reference
What types of acrylic display frames[ 05-22 08:13 ]
When people are in the supermarket supermarket, you will see all kinds of exquisite and well made acrylic exhibits. And more and more acrylic display shelves are used in the daily sales activities to display and display goods. Many large shopping malls and shopping centers also have a display special cabinet made of acrylic. Do you know the types of acrylic display frames?
How to remove the flavor in the acrylic box?[ 04-10 08:44 ]
Acrylic as a green and non-toxic environmental material, itself is no taste, because acrylic adhesive bonding molding, so the taste of the finished product is most of the taste of glue, there are many kinds of acrylic glue on the market, such as shadowless glue, instant glue, epoxy glue, UV glue, polyamine ester and so on.
What are the parameters of the acrylic material[ 04-04 08:22 ]
Acrylic is a special plexiglass (PMMA), also known as acrylic, Hongkong called its "Asia Power". In fact, acrylic, acrylic, plexiglass and augmented force are all names of materials. Today we will focus on some parameters of inferior acrylic material.
Inspection of the quality of organic glass printing[ 12-14 15:07 ]
In the processing of organic glass, only the following four functions of the scraping are played well, and the quality of the organic glass artwork can be printed.
How to make good use of acrylic display rack[ 11-09 15:35 ]
The acrylic display frame is the most popular product display prop in the market, supermarket and many enterprises. It is a special display frame which is mainly designed by using acrylic board.
TOYIN reveals the hot bending secrets of a Acrylic Watch stand[ 07-28 09:08 ]
For acrylic watches show shelf, I believe we are not unfamiliar. We know, because many of the thermoplastic materials are usually do not have linear or tension tension curve, but we use acrylic materials to produce acrylic products are usually not appear above the situation, but also asked the staff must know the temperature maximum expected.
Talk about acrylic products paste when matters[ 05-26 15:49 ]
We have been committed to research and promote the application of acrylic products in advertising, focusing on the design and manufacturing of acrylic products
Organic glass products will be yellow for a long time?[ 05-11 16:20 ]
Organic glass products will be yellow for a long time? This is a lot of friends to buy plexiglass products will be worried about the problem, the source of small series in the solution of this problem, the first thing to say about the reasons for organic glass products will be yellow...
Acrylic products cleaning and maintenance[ 04-21 08:08 ]
With the wide use of plexiglass, acrylic display rack is also widely used. In the use of the same time, usually ignore the maintenance of the display.
Effect of temperature on the properties of PMMA[ 04-13 14:21 ]
A number of properties of organic glass (especially physical, mechanical properties) show a strong dependence on temperature.
How to maintain acrylic high-end display supplies?[ 03-23 13:51 ]
milk cleaning: if the home milk expired, we do not throw away, you can use milk to protect acrylic products. Use a clean cloth to soak in the milk for a while, then can be used to wipe the acrylic products, this method to remove dirt effect is very good. Finally wipe with clean water.
TOYIN take you to understand the advantages of J Ark Ley display stand[ 03-10 08:25 ]
crylic display rack is everywhere in our life, now more and more businesses will use it to showcase their products, display good products can make the effect of doubling, thus doubling sales of products. It is a good display is very important, and we kailike acrylic display what advantage
Acrylic display rack scratch how to do?[ 02-23 15:26 ]
Acrylic display rack will affect the overall appearance of the scraping display, to display the products will play a negative effect, especially those transparent acrylic display rack, looks very obvious, it is difficult to conceal scratches, then how to solve the situation of acrylic display rack scratch
What are the requirements of organic glass products for environmental temperature[ 12-15 17:00 ]
Organic glass with high transparency, low price, easy machining and other advantages is widely used, organic glass products is often used instead of glass materials, to introduce the adaptability of organic glass products to the environment
Some of the parameters of the acrylic material[ 11-30 16:36 ]
Is a special acrylic organic glass (PMMA), also called Hongkong called acrylic, acrylic. In fact, whether acrylic, acrylic, organic glass, acrylic is a material name. Today we talk about some of the parameters on the acrylic material.
What is the acrylic material?[ 11-10 08:22 ]
Display shelves in shopping malls, supermarkets, essential. Whether it is food, clothing, accessories, all items need to be presented to consumers through the display. The acrylic display rack of beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, disassembly fast, convenient transportation, and fine display style is graceful, elegant, and good decorative effect.
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