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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

The company based on "People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law" and the "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law" and other relevant laws and regulations on the sale of the merchandise returned goods and warranty specified as follows:
A, in Tuoyuan customers to buy goods, in order to ensure your interest, please you when you received the goods on the spot inspection, if found damaged goods in transit, you have the right to make delivery staff back again and distribution of goods or to ask the post office to show prove the claim to the post office.
B, we only provide a free home return. Please read all the goods after the effective time and then contact us, and please prepare a good product and invoice to prepare for tests.
C, if as a result of the customer's own reasons (for example, did not see before ordering Introduction, repeat orders and other non-quality problems) generated returns, please contact the Customer Service Center after the company come back on their own. Claim:
1, in line with the provisions of return time: within one week of receipt of the goods (the receipt date).
2, packaging intact goods themselves;
3. Please bring the original invoice, invoicing Ruoyi please be returned;
D, such as product quality problems discovered after receipt of goods, you can receive the goods within 5 days of play, call the contact to return policy. Return the goods, and ask you to product packaging, which with attachments, and other small ticket vending returned together with the product, we will give you a replacement or refund in 2 working days after receipt of your goods. 7 days after the customer received the goods, as a result of quality problems, please select the manufacturer's customer service; goods manufacturers have special provisions specified by the manufacturer to perform.
E, you want returned goods must be the original packaging, accessories and instruction manual, warranty card complete; you should have to effectively prove that the goods are purchased in my office receipts.
F, the Company is entitled to refuse the case of any customer's return requirements:
 1, the delivery requirements of customers as a result of the distribution was not found return errors. When you receive the goods, please carefully follow the delivery note inspection and acceptance of goods, merchandise shortages, missing, dirty, damaged, please indicate the spot inspection, free re-distribution, after inadmissible.
2. Return period return exceeds requirements. Return within one week, one month within ment (customer receipt date).
3. Return the appearance of incomplete or damaged material.
4, the customer invoice or invoices missing or incomplete.
5, due to the customer's own reasons (for example, did not see before ordering Introduction, repeat orders, etc.) returns generated.
6, customer requirements will replace the goods into other goods.
7, in front of the customer without prior contact with the customer service center.
G, if the product quality problems, we will be in the way of bilateral friendly consultations, for you to return, repair and solve other issues arising therefrom; if the parties can not be resolved through consultation can be handed over to the National Committee for Quality Supervision and arbitration bodies or consumer protection associations resolved.

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