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How to choose acrylic plexiglass factory[ 07-03 16:11 ]
In order to better play the value of these products, we need to choose a good manufacturer. So what should we do? In order to let everyone know about this, some methods in the official website of Tuoyuan display products may be useful to us It has reference significance.
Maintenance tips of acrylic display stand[ 06-19 15:23 ]
Because of the high transparency of the acrylic display frame, sometimes it becomes obvious after scratching, so we need to take good care of it?
Acrylic display_ Acrylic display frame production method - Tuoyuan plexiglass products[ 06-12 16:56 ]
The selection of materials for acrylic display stand processing depends on the manufacturing and modeling design of acrylic display stand. The processing effect of acrylic display stand has a great relationship with acrylic plate, color and quality. In order to make the acrylic display stand produce the best effect,Acrylic display frame modeling design comes from the artistic conception.
Acrylic Taika processing and manufacturing[ 06-05 15:56 ]
As the name implies, acrylic card is made of acrylic materials by Tuoyuan, also known as PMMA or acrylic, yajiali.
Customized acrylic cigarette display stand[ 05-29 16:11 ]
Acrylic Chenxiang cigarette display frame is made of domestic high-quality acrylic materials by cutting, carving, polishing, screen printing, bonding and other processes. Exquisite carving stripes reflect the high-grade products; high-definition screen printing reflects the grade of products, simple style, can show a good publicity effect.
Acrylic cosmetics display stand for brand![ 05-15 15:59 ]
With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of beautiful things. Acrylic cosmetics, an industry born for beauty, grows rapidly. At present, there are more and more acrylic cosmetics brands on the market. In order to attract the customers' attention, the major businesses have put forward their own tricks, and the acrylic cosmetics display rack generated for brand promotion has also grown and changed.
How much is the custom acrylic display?[ 04-30 16:50 ]
Acrylic material is a common choice for cosmetics display shelves in the industry. Acrylic material is crystal clear, high light transmittance and durable. When it is displayed indoors, its service life is generally 3-5 years. If imported acrylic material is used, its service life will be longer.
What are the manufacturing methods of acrylic display frame?[ 04-17 16:36 ]
I believe that no matter which country they come from, whether they are the first time to China or not, all the buyers who are doing display trade in China now have deep concerns about buying display products in China, even if the factory's quotation is more competitive. As a display stand manufacturer, I can control the product quality at the first time, so I'll lead you to understand how the production method of acrylic display stand can control the good quality of products.
What does plexiglass processing tell about silk screen printing?[ 04-09 15:47 ]
Some plexiglass products need to be printed with patterns or logos on them. They need to use one of the processing procedures of plexiglass, screen printing. You may not know this process very well.
Is plexiglass display expensive[ 01-10 17:05 ]
You should know that the material of plexiglass is environmental friendly. The unit price of the finished product display frame made of plexiglass is determined by the good and bad material, thickness and simplicity of the display frame.
Acrylic lighting material density is smaller than glass[ 01-03 16:12 ]
These advantages make acrylic into the field of home furnishing, which has been widely used in furniture surface, advertising painting, display frame, furniture products, decorative panels and ceiling decoration. Because acrylic has good light transmittance, it is often used in light related decoration.
Two properties of plexiglass[ 12-27 15:55 ]
When it comes to the two major properties of plexiglass, there is no doubt that they are physical properties and chemical properties. So let's have a brief understanding of the two properties of plexiglass today, and welcome all interested friends to visit our company and factory at any time, and look forward to your visit!
Acrylic five sided box manufacturer[ 12-20 16:56 ]
Dongguan Tuoyuan, a large factory engaged in the processing and customization of acrylic products, has been in the industry for 14 years, becoming the top three acrylic product manufacturers in Dongguan.
Which mode of transportation is better for acrylic display frame?[ 12-13 17:21 ]
Acrylic display frame has many advantages that can not be replaced by wood and metal display frame, such as light weight, various surface processing methods, good color display and so on.
How to make cosmetics display cabinet look high-end[ 11-21 16:20 ]
Cosmetics are necessary for women or men's life. Practitioners see the infinite business opportunities, and various cosmetics brands are flooding the market.
On the acrylic box of oak[ 11-15 15:30 ]
In terms of the current acrylic products industry, the applicability of acrylic box is becoming more and more popular. The highly transparent acrylic box will reflect the luster under the sunlight or light. It also has good sealing performance, and can store some items, such as cosmetics, jewelry and other items.
What are the specifications of acrylic board[ 11-08 15:55 ]
There are many specifications of acrylic plate, some of which can be customized according to the needs of customers. Next, we list some common specifications and prices on the market.
New product of Tuoyuan - acrylic shaped flower box[ 10-31 16:45 ]
acrylic shaped flower box--Common flower boxes are square and round, but today we are going to introduce this new product, it is not so simple. First of all, in terms of its color, it uses a more eye-catching color - transparent green, which will make people feel very novel and attractive visually.
Durability of acrylic jewel box[ 10-18 17:04 ]
Acrylic jewelry boxes generally use transparent color, because transparent color can see the exact location of the items inside, even if you don't open it, you can know exactly what items are inside.
Are acrylic materials good?[ 10-10 16:57 ]
Acrylic is the best new material to manufacture sanitary ware after ceramics. As a special kind of plexiglass, acrylic can also be used in aircraft windshield and used in harsh environment for decades.
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