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What are the requirements of organic glass products for environmental temperature[ 12-15 17:00 ]
Organic glass with high transparency, low price, easy machining and other advantages is widely used, organic glass products is often used instead of glass materials, to introduce the adaptability of organic glass products to the environment
Use of organic glass[ 06-17 16:57 ]
PMMA has the advantages of light weight, low price, easy molding and so on. Its molding method has casting, injection molding, mechanical processing, thermal molding, etc.. In particular, injection molding, mass production can be produced, the process is simple, low cost. Therefore, its application has become increasingly widespread, at present, it is widely used in instruments and meters parts, car lights, optical lenses, transparent pipes, etc..
Acrylic plexiglass and the same?[ 04-25 11:53 ]
Basically the same material, the production process is somewhat different, the price gap is relatively large, most people feel that the two are the same, in fact, there is a difference, called plexiglass domestic imports is acrylic, some people think that just transliteration differences in actual fact, both in terms of quality and of use, durability, there are some differences, a comparison with a grade acrylic.
PMMA can be used in what areas?[ 04-25 11:52 ]
PMMA has excellent performance, making it extremely versatile. In addition to the aircraft used for the canopy, windshield chords out of the window, but also for the windshield and windows, skylights large buildings jeep (can prevent broken), television and radar screens, instruments and equipment, protective cover, telecommunications instrument shell , binoculars, and optical lenses on the camera.
the characteristics of plexiglass?[ 04-25 11:51 ]
1,a high degree of transparency. PMMA is the most excellent of transparent polymer material, the light transmittance of 92%, high light transmission than glass. Small artificial sun called the sun lights the lamp is made of quartz, because quartz completely through the UV. Ordinary glass only 0.6% of the UV through, but was able through the plexiglass 73%.
PMMA (acrylic) What are the advantages?[ 04-25 11:51 ]
Hardness: Hardness is the best embodiment of cast acrylic sheet production process parameters and technology, quality control is an important part. Hardness can reflect the raw MMA purity, weather resistance and high temperature performance sheet and so on.
What cut acrylic sheet?[ 04-25 11:50 ]
Recently a lot of people ask what acrylic sheet cutting, cutting mainly to see how what you cut into the shape of the complex is not complicated. A. Do straight, square-cut
How to DIY acrylic display?[ 04-25 11:49 ]
5mm above the plexiglass with a wire hanging unsightly, it is recommended to use plexiglass rods, both beautiful and strong, yet easy. Extension source of plexiglass, light and soft, use it to make a variety of crafts ornaments, people feel comfortable and generous.
What is acrylic panels?[ 04-25 11:45 ]
Acrylic board is made of acrylic sheet material, acrylic, Acrylic English pronunciation Chinese, it belongs to PMMA acrylic polymer compounds. According to popular point of view, it is actually a special plexiglass after treatment.
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