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Dongguan factory to talk about the resolution of plexiglass

Categories: Industry newsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2015-04-25 11:23:00
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A resolution of the type of plexiglass screen printing: scan input and print output in image processing, using several different resolutions. Resolution refers to the length of the unit can record distinguishable pattern parallel point, the maximum number of lines per unit line / mm.
Commonly used resolution is generally there are four: 1,scanning resolution Spi (sample / inch): Resolution. A device, a digital camera use.
2,display resolution PPi (pixels / inch): Yes, number of Pixel graphic display.
3,the print resolution Dpi (dots / inch): The printer output resolution.
4,printing and copying the image resolution LPi (lines / inch): image copying screen lines, line frequency, halftone resolution. Dpi resolution commonly used instead of Spi, PPi.
Second, the relationship between the input resolution and output resolution: 1,input resolution: Dpi and Lpi relationship Dpi> Lpi and a half times the input resolution (scanning resolution) and the output resolution (recording resolution) of the relationship between the input resolution = number (Lpi output image maximum edge length (inches) record line / input image maximum edge length (inches) × 2 scanning resolution is twice the number of screen lines, such as 80 lines / inch of the original scan is set to 150-200Dpi.
2,the output resolution: Dpi> ten to twenty times the value of the gray scale resolution imagesetter imagesetter output proportional to Lpi of Dpi screening is inversely proportional to the number of lines Lpi.
Grayscale = output resolution Dpi (2 + 1) / image screen lines Lpi as electricity sub scanning 10 × 10,16 × 16 pixels or more (ext 23 × 23 scans a network). Imagesetter film output as the original out lines 50-100 lines / inch, should be set on the imagesetter 1200Dpi.
Requirements such as grayscale output image is 256bit, so to reach 150 lines / inch screen lines, logger (scanner) output resolution should be set to 2500Dpi more.
Third, the type of plant in Dongguan plexiglass plexiglass screen printing resolution:
(A)Scanning Resolution (input resolution): Scanner grayscale resolution, general instructions given in the manual. Refers to the amount of information per inch (cm) the original image acquired by the scanner. It is subject to the scanner has a maximum optical resolution or interpolated resolution limit.
1,the optical resolution: It is said that the optical system of the scanner itself can achieve the highest input resolution (also called physical resolution). It is divided into horizontal and vertical resolution, the resolution refers to the scanner (CCD) real resolution.
(1) Horizontal resolution: the resolution of the optical system CCD's, also known as optical resolution. As 300-600Dpi, 600-1200Dpi, 1000-2000Dpi, high block up 4000-8000Dpi.
(2) vertical resolution Dpi refers to the scanner, the stepper motor can move the number of steps per inch in the mechanical design may be, it is concerned with the mechanical transmission parts. Vertical resolution is not important horizontal resolution.
2,the maximum resolution (interpolated resolution): refers to optical resolution after scanning, the maximum resolution of the scanner via software interpolation calculation. Typically 2-4 times higher than the optical resolution. This resolution can not guarantee for the image quality.
3,image resolution: image storage means the amount of information, generally horizontal and vertical directions on the image pixels (Pi × ei) to determine the number of. Such as resolution 640-480, indicated 640 pixels on the image horizontally. There are 480 pixels in the vertical direction. The higher the value, the more pixels, the sharper the image. Some people think that the higher the resolution, the better the image is wrong, though reasonable, but not practical. Because the human eye's ability to recognize do not see a certain distance on the nuances of the image. As an image while printing 600Dpi and 1000Dpi resolution, the result is the same quality. So the resolution is set too high is not necessary, because of the amount of information increases waste of time. But the resolution could not be too small, otherwise the level of losses, the image reduction difficult.
4,the display resolution: the computer screen once the total amount of information that can be displayed. Refers to the display horizontal dots per inch, commonly display screen 14 ", 15", 17 ", 19". There are three display resolution 640 × 640,800 × 600,1024 × 768, a high-resolution large-screen displays. Displays the size of the resolution will only affect the ease of end-user uses the image at work, does not affect the quality of the output image data.
(B) Output resolution: Output resolution: Only for printer output and print jobs, which represents the final document issued to the number of pixels per inch (Ppi or Dpi) imagesetter or laser printer needs. Replication method, plus net agreement, the resolution of the output device, such as an integrated set, determine the exact output image resolution.
Printer Resolution: A measure of dots per inch output device in horizontal and vertical directions, can be generated. Printers (laser imagesetter) The higher the resolution, the finer the dot generated image tone more continuity. Limits the maximum resolution of the printer number of the printer can reproduce a single color.
Fourth, the plexiglass screen printing resolution conversion formula: = 2 × optimum image resolution screen lines scanning resolution image best resolution = N × (N behalf of the zoom ratio) color original scan resolution screen lines = × 2 × magnification Example: Zoom 2 times the original size, line screens for 150DPi, set the scanning resolution should be = 2 × 2 × 150 = 600DPi