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  • Does not fade for two yearsDoes not fade for two years
  • Easy to become yellow chang colorEasy to become yellow chang color


  • High transparency,no air bubblesHigh transparency,no air bubbles
  • Transparency is low, There are air bubblesTransparency is low, There are air bubbles


  • Surface treatment is smooth,don't scratch handSurface treatment is smooth,don't scratch hand
  • Rough surface treatment, easy to scratch the handRough surface treatment, easy to scratch the hand


  • Dimension precision non-traceDimension precision non-trace
  • Dimension is not accurate, can't assemblyDimension is not accurate, can't assembly

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TOYIN Introduction

Dongguan ToYin Acrylic Products Co.,Ltd. is a plexiglass (acrylic) products designer and manufacturer in the manufacturing process, the extension of the source remains the domestic industry leader, has been in research and promotion of plexiglass (ac…



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